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My journey through weight loss surgery

Almost my one month surgiversary…

Tomorrow marks four weeks since I had my surgery and Saturday is my one month surgiversary. I feel almost like myself. 

I’m still pretty tired all the time. It’s super hard not to eat and drink at the same time. Last night I was so thirsty and I didn’t wait the thirty minutes and I almost lost my cookies. So now I really know how important it is not to eat and drink at the same time.

Something new that I can have is the tops of very well steamed broccoli. As long as it’s super soft I can have it. It’s nice to be able to have something green. 

I’m still hitting my water goals. Still not hitting my protein goals.

I’m really focused on work and school right now. It is getting close to the end of the marking period at work so I have a lot of grading to do. And night school has been kicking my butt but I am starting to get a handle on everything.


Cracker Barrell

Last night I went out to a restaurant for the first time since my surgery. We went to Cracker Barrell and I had grilled haddock with a little bit of mashed potatoes. It was pretty good. I ate 1/3 of the fish and three bites of mashed potatoes. It was really hard not to drink while I ate.

Today I am at my parents house for Sunday dinner and pretty much everything that my mom is cooking I can’t eat. I ate a piece of mozzarella and I felt sick. I went out and got a slice of meatloaf to eat and I ate it while everyone was eating their dinner.

3 week stall

After having surgery I didn’t have a lot of energy but I am slowly starting to get it back. A lot of things at work had to get put on hold as a result but now that I’m feeling better I am picking up the pace. I need to get control back of my classroom, of my classroom management and my instruction. 

My night classes are moving at breakneck speed and I am still in the process of catching up but I feel a lot better than last week. I’m just worried about my grade since I can’t get an A after missing two weeks for surgery. Trying to become a principal is hard work!

I’ve been getting some leg cramps the last two days but I haven’t had any dizzy spells in a week.

The scale hasn’t moved this week. Everyone talks about the three week stall so I guess I am experiencing it right now. I’m still down 35 pounds so I am happy about that.

What have I been eating lately? Since I’ve passed week three things are changing up a bit, so I can have soft foods now. I’ve been having a lot of ground beef, meatballs and meatloaf mostly. Salmon, sliced turkey, chicken salad. My plan says I can have ripe fruit like strawberries or peaches but I haven’t tried any of that yet. I had a little bit of mashed potatoes today. 

I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since my surgery. 

I haven’t had a dizzy spell in four days now. Woohoo for me. 

Today was a really busy day at work. I worked straight through from 8:30 am to 4pm. I am exhausted. 

My clothes are starting to feel looser. I’m sure I haven’t gone down a size yet so my clothes will have to do for the winter. I already have a wool coat and a down coat for winter and lots of leggings. I don’t really have money to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Mentally it is hard to deal with still being fat and losing weight and people don’t know what’s going on. It’s hard to explain. It’s not that I thought getting surgery would yield automatic results but this is a journey that I’m on and it’s easy to feel alone. My support system is small because only a few people know. 

Every morning I like to have a cup of coffee. It makes me feel like a human. I don’t like decaf coffee. I am trying to like it because it’s all I can have. My mom thinks it would be ok to have regular coffee once a day but my husband disagrees. People on the message boards at Bariatric Pal are always discussing things you should and shouldn’t have. A few people there who are three years out from surgery or more who I would consider veterans got into it today over carbonated drinks. A newbie asked if its ok to drink Coke Zero and a lot of other newbies said no but a few of the veterans said yes. Their reasoning was that they are in the maintenance phase and you will break some of the “rules” but you have to watch what you are doing.

I think it’s too early for me to even think about breaking rules.

I’m down 35 pounds!


I love naps. I took a really long nap today. In fact it is 7 pm and I am still in my pajamas and I couldn’t be happier about it. I needed this day.

The scale hasn’t moved in a few days. I also haven’t used the bathroom in a few days so I know that when I do, the scale will move. I’m not too worried. 

Lately I have been eating salmon, shredded chicken breast, deviled eggs and fish sticks. Yogurt and soup. I’ve been eating three to four small meals a day, about 2-3 ounces each time. 

I have to take things slow. I’m only 17 days post op. It feels like longer but it’s not. I think I am being too hard on myself. 

2 weeks +2 post op

I am feeling low on energy. I’m still moving a little slower than before the surgery because every time I try to walk somewhere I get super dizzy. This morning I had a breakdown. I didn’t eat dinner last night and it was my first night back at night school and my day was super long and I’m just exhausted. I have several assignments due, I missed a group project and I have to revise a paper I already wrote a few weeks ago. I packed a can of chicken breast in my bag and I lost it and that’s why I didn’t eat dinner. I stay at my parents house on class nights and there was nothing there for me to eat. My dad tried to make me a protein shake but it was gross. On top of that my class was moved to a place where I can’t drive and now I’m taking the train to school with my overnight bag and purse so that’s not helping with my dizziness. So this is why I had a breakdown this morning. The only thing that’s keeping me from crying right now is that I’m writing about it. 

I just need to make it through the day. It’s Friday.

Feeling better

I am feeling so much better now that I’ve met with the nutritionist again. She said that I’ve been eating all of the right things but that I just need to up my protein intake. 

So tonight hubby and I are going to experiment with a few homemade protein shake recipes. Yesterday I bought some Torani Sugar Free syrups and PB2 powdered peanut butter as well as a large Chobani vanilla yogurt. Let’s see how this goes! I need to make this Genepro my new best friend.

Today a student asked me if I had lap band surgery. I laughed and said no but then another student made a remark on how much weight I’ve lost. It’s hitting a little too close to home. 

Some people say that your first period after surgery is heavier because of all the heparin they give you in the hospital. I haven’t found that to be the case. I am actually hoping that losing weight will lighten my periods. 

I had five incisions plus the one from the drain so that makes six altogether. The only one that is still tender is the large one on my right side. That’s the incision everyone says they take your stomach out of so it makes sense that it’s still tender.

I don’t feel as tired as I was feeling and I have my voice back. I am feeling a lot better than I realized. I just need to focus on the positives!

2nd post today

I just wanted to post to share how I’m feeling. I’m pretty upset because I spoke to the nutritionist today and she is telling me things that are different than what’s in the  guide that she gave me prior to surgery. I am meeting with her tomorrow to sort things out.  

The entire guide references gastric bypass surgery but she said, oh don’t worry it’s exactly the same. If you notice it only says to have one protein drink a day. Now she’s saying don’t eat any food, only drink protein drinks. 

I am beyond angry because this is my health we are talking about and now I could possibly have been causing these dizzy spells myself. I had to call my husband today to pick me up from work because I was so dizzy I was afraid to drive.

I have trouble taking pills so I take them with orange juice. I take a sleeping pill and a statin for my cholesterol. She also said no juice which leaves me no way to take my pills. I have never been able to swallow pills before and I just recently figured out I can swallow them with orange juice. Now what am I supposed to do?

I need to figure this all out very quickly.

I am down 33 pounds. 

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